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Church Membership

On behalf of our Der Hayr, Rev. Fr. Dr. Vahan Kouyoumdjian, and the Board of Trustees, it is our honor and privilege to serve our parish.  

St. Stephen's Armenian Apostolic Church is the second oldest Armenian Church in the United States.  Many of you have been active supporters of the parish for years.  Our Armenian Church community has been in existence for 96 years.  With the help of God, we continue to enjoy our heritage, traditions, and faith through worship.

Our Mission in our 96th year is as follows:

As we to STRIVE TO spread the Gospel and the LOVE of our Lord, our mouths must speak like Him, our hearts must love and forgive like Him and our eyes must see the goodness in others like Him,  AS WE COME TOGETHER AS ONE TO HELP OUR COMMUNITY GROW IN FAITH AND TO EMBRACE THE LOVE OF OUR SAVIOR...

Due to the pandemic, the Board of Directors has had to make adjustments to some rules, this process is still being finalized.  

For the year of 2020-2021 the dues obligations for members are as follows:

Single Membership - $100.00

Couples Membership - $150.00

Young Adults (25 and under) Membership - $50.00

Out of Town Membership - $50.00

Your contributions are the support for our continued ability to maintain our church both fiscally and spiritually.  Please consider the following ongoing expenses of our church which your membership dues help to offset.

Building Maintenance - Landscaping - Utilities -

Printings - Mailings - Functions - E-mail Blasts - Website -

Social Media - Prelacy Dues - Clergy -

NRA Dues - Church Supplies - Office and Sanctuary -

Legal Fees - Accounting Fees 

The Future of our Parish is in the

Hands of our Members 



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